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Plans and Planning

Over the years we have undertaken numerous planning and policy development processes involving staff, leadership and the community.

Capital Plan (currently under development)
The Capital Plan will guide investment in our community over the next five years, focusing on projects related to infrastructure and facilities.

Water Stewardship Plan (currently under development)
Protecting our water is critical to the health of our lands and community. This plan will help us establish policies to protect the quality of the water and watersheds within our lands.

Coldwater Indian Band Strategic Planning Session (2013)
Through this planning session, our staff established internal strategic priorities and timelines to aid the development of our CCP.

Lands and Resources Policy (passed by Chief and Council in principle in 2013)
The Lands and Resources Policy consolidates land policies and procedures in a single document. Working alongside our Land Use Plan (under development as part of the CCP process), this Policy will guide us in the development and management of Coldwater’s reserve lands and resources.

Community Think-In (Annually until 2011)
For years, these community-based planning sessions gathered input from members on different community development issues. The input and ideas from these Think-Ins are being incorporated into our CCP.

Community Profile (2010)
Like this document, the Community Profile detailed facts about the Coldwater Community. Aimed to attract investment in the community, the 2010 profile was written as a promotional communications document.

Community Economic Development Work Plan (2010)
This document outlines different staff projects contributing to the community’s economic development that were to be undertaken in 2010.

Preliminary Comprehensive Community Plan (2009)
This project was left unfinished due to a lack of community engagement and project structure. However, the valuable community input collected during the process will feed into the current CCP project.

Community Futures Economic Development Study (2009)
This study by Community Futures provides assessments of the economic development potential of Coldwater’s lands and resources. It provides numerous recommendations for places such as Comstock Road and Gateway 286.

Outline Comprehensive Development Plan (2004)
This document outlines a number of community concerns and potential solutions. Its conclusions will also contribute to the development of our CCP.

Housing Policy (2003)
To be updated in the near future, the Housing Policy details policies and procedures guiding the management of housing on Band lands, including topics such as building procedures, eligibility, and tenancy agreements.

Physical Development Plan (1998)
A precursor to Comprehensive Community Plans, the Physical Development Plan focused on community infrastructural needs and capital works.

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