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Existing housing on Coldwater lands is located on Coldwater IR#1 and Paul’s Basin IR#2 with 114 and 11 houses, respectively.

Coldwater’s growing population, coupled with the large number of youth, new families and a growing Elders population, has resulted in a demand for new and upgraded housing to match members’ changing needs.

There are currently 40 individuals and families on the waitlist for housing, including young adults still living with their parents and members wanting to move back on reserve (including Elders). According to a survey completed by 45 members at a recent community open house, supported housing for seniors and apartments for singles and couples were identified as the highest priority for on-reserve housing.

Currently, there are eight serviced, vacant lots within a subdivision on IR#1 and potentially developable land with space for another 60-100 lots.


The chart below illustrates two scenarios for on-reserve population growth. In the low growth scenario, we would require about 50 new homes by 2031, or about two new homes to be constructed per year. We could accommodate this growth on IR#1 based on potentially developable land.

However, the high growth scenario could generate a demand of 104 new homes (about 5 per year) by 2031. This is slightly over our estimated housing capacity, but could likely be accommodated by different types of higher density housing (e.g., apartments, duplexes, triplexes).

Our Housing Department is currently in the process of updating our 2003 Housing Policy to try and meet these needs and address ongoing and significant housing challenges, such as rent arrears and maintenance.

Population and Dwelling Projections 2011 to 2031
Population and Dwelling Projections 2011 to 2031

Source: Stats Canada, Census years 2006 and 2011; Coldwater Indian Band Housing Statistics.

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