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The day-to-day administration and delivery of programs and services is carried out by a number of departments, and is headed up by a Band Administrator, who reports to the Chief and Council. The Band Administrator oversees the following functions and departments:

  • Finance
  • Lands, Wills & Estates
  • Economic Development
  • Administrative Services
  • Cultural Services
  • Housing
  • Public Works
  • Social Development
  • Education
  • Membership Services
  • Planning
  • Taxation
  • Fire Department
  • Transfer Station

The following chart (Coldwater Government Chart) illustrates the organizational structure of Coldwater’s government and administration.

cib gov chart m

Band Administrators

In order to run the community in an efficient manner and to deliver the programs and services to its members, the Chief and Council hire a Band Administrator who oversees the administration of services, programs and staff. Support staff are hired to coordinate the various community programs and services.  Coldwater Band employs these staff on a full-time and part-time basis to carry out the services provided to the membership. List below are programs being offered along with the associated staff. In addition to the staff working out of the Band office, a number of positions are held within the school, Coldwater Band Transition house and other locations.

Laura Antoine - Administrator/Deputy Fire Chief
Ron Aljam - Public Works/Fire Chief
Shawn Bob - Social Services
Val Collins - Social Services Clerk
Barclay Smith - Finance Supervisor
Adam Kantakis - Lands Wills and Estates Administrator
Carianne Spahan, BBA, PCP
Julia Dick - Finance
Donald Kraus - Housing Coordinator
Jessie Aljam - Education Coordinator/ Indian Registry Administrator
Harold Aljam - Economic Development Coordinator
Dawn Porter - Executive Assistant
Cheryl Aljam - Administrative  Assistant
Cathy Jameson - Adult In Home Care

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